Degree seeking students

1) Course offer for Degree Seeking Students :

The School of Management IAE Clermont Auvergne offers three English-taught Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor 3rd year in Business Administration

 / 1


  • MSc (Master) Accounting and Finance 2nd year

 / 1

  • Msc (Master) International Audit Economics and Financie 2nd year

 / 1

And French-taught Degree Programs at Bachelor’s and Master’s Levels:

2) Application Procedures and Deadlines :

1. English-taught Bachelor’s Degree Program

If you are living in a country with Campus France Procedure (see the list), you will have to apply through the Campus France application procedure according to the calendar determined each year by Campus France.

If you are not living in a country with Campus France Procedure, you will have to perform the IAE Clermont Auvergne - School of Management online application procedure before April 20th 2020 :

2. English-taught Master’s Degree Programs

3) Learning French Language :

English-taught Degree Programs Curricula include some French Language Classes for free. However, if you want to register to additional French courses, have a look at the University of Clermont Auvergne Offer

4) Finding accommodation

Additionally to the accommodation webpage of the University of Clermont Auvergne, the International Office of the School of Management IAE Clermont Auvergne will send you a list of accommodation places.